Web Rebranding


To a digital ads agency, daily and monthly ads performance is quite crucial to the account managers, who need to prepare daily performance report to the B2B clients, like e-commerce, media, or real estate companies. The clients usually expect to know whether the ads they bought are positive to their online stores or product sales. Therefore, not only the agency but also the B2B clients would like to obtain the up-to-date information efficiently.

The platform originally exists for agency use only, without well-designed user flow and interface. For example, if you first login, you may not know how to find the information you want, since there is no clear landing user flow and guideline. However, this year the organization plans to expand the market to the B2B users as well. Accordingly, I was responsible for clarifying the user needs and redesigning the product based on user research and usability test.

Design Role 

  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Logo Design










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