Rakuten Taiwan ‧ Mobile Web Redesign


Redesigned Mobile Web Page, 2014


Rakuten is an E-commerce company from Japan, which has a really good reputation in customer service, variety of products and logistics. Their website transaction has operated a long period of time for almost 20 years. With the booming of mobile application, the company expects to develop their own mobile website http://www.rakuten.com.tw/ (view on mobile), available both on iOS and Android devices, to win the first place in the e-commerce market.

Design Role 

  • User experience Design (UX), Taiwan branch
  • Interaction Design, Taiwan branch


Jan., 2014~ Jun., 2014


There were an old mobile web page inheriting from the Japanese style originally, but actually not suitable to Taiwanese behavior. The original website has been established for many years, possessing several sections, from categories, banners, advertisement, members, on-sale products, etc. All of them are expect to be kept on the mobile page since the lack of them might affect the original traffic and revenue. Consequently, the goal is not only to design a user-friendly mobile web page, but also to sustain or even improve the current performance.


Original Website Page, 2014 

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Original Mobile Website Page, 2014 

Design Process

Designing the mobile web page of Rakuten Taiwan is not easy since there are many rules set by the company that has to be followed. But it is also a good start because as a designer, there are many clues that you can track and examine when you are designing the new operation.

To simplify, the design process is under sincere consideration and analysis, especially in the performance of CVR (Conversion Rate) and CTR (Click Through Rate). You can check the design process as the chart below. And we assumed that the improvement of CTR would enhance CVR on mobile web site, then increasing the mobile GMS (Gross Merchandise Sales).


Design Process

First of all, we researched the competitors’ design and market trend, while analyzing our strengths and weakness. And then, we monitored the current quantitative performance and made an assumption of the new mobile page design. Afterwards, we produced a series of wireframes and prototypes to conduct user interviews. During the process, we continuously collected user feedbacks and tried to improve our UX design. The process of iteration took long but quite worthwhile.

螢幕快照 2015-11-27 下午10.50.36

Low-fidelity Wireframes, 2014

The navigation is designed to fix on the top even though you scroll down to the bottom. This is designed to remind users that they are still free to search products by themselves if no preferred items are found.


Redesigned Mobile Website  (2016) 



High-fidelity mockups, 2014

Achievement & Reflection 

It was a challenging but rewarding time working at Rakuten Taiwan. As the user experience designer and interviewer during that time, there were quite a lot of works to do, from market analyzing, user feedback collection, interface design, prototyping, usability test, to performance tracking. All of these are necessary to make sure of the quality of the new design. An improvement on CTR and traffic after lunch proved the redesign work was satisfactory.

The whole design process ever made me feel stressful but fulfilling after seeing the new page lunched for the customers. The improvement is not a short-term but a long-period examination. The sectional CTR and CVR performance will be checked frequently, therefore bringing out the continuous edition of the mobile web page.

I learnt a lot and also had fun during the process. Challenges always help people grow and become more mature when facing frustrations.

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