Oshare App Design


Oshare http://www.oshare.com.tw/ is a social network for users’ to share and follow the fashion trend. It is a service developed by Rakuten Taiwan, the well-known E-commerce company from Japan. The company already runs a successful E-commerce business in Taiwan, but expects to broaden the clothing and fashion market by attracting teenagers. Oshare App was therefore developed.

The app was already working on iOS and Android devices, but without good performance. I, as the producer, was required to redesign the interface to improve the conversion rate (CVR) and click through rate (CTR) within three months.

Design Role 

  • User Experience Research
  • User Experience Design
  • Project Management


Mar., 2014~ Jun., 2014


User Behaviors

Before I took responsibility of the app, it was launched for three months already. However, because of some reasons, like competitive fashion app market, insufficient content and unfriendly UI design, the app doesn’t perform very well with 50k users approximately.

A number of user behaviors were observed to improve from GA (Google Analytics) as below:

  1. Too many features inside the side menu, but with low CTR.
  2. Time spent each session was short for only 2-3 minutes.
  3. The daily active users and registered members are low.

Above all are some facts that we found might affect the performance of the app. In order to increase the usage and active users , the product owner and I decided to improve it through the following strategies:

  • Remove the side menu and simplify the features provided.
  • Make sure the flow is easy for users to find famous stars.
  • Provide picture search function for users to find relevant products based on their preference.
  • Enable users to edit their personal page and simplify the login flow.

Based on the direction, the structure is redesigned and the new UI are as below:


螢幕快照 2016-04-13 上午1.38.45
side menu was removed and features was simplified


Picture search function was provided to improve CVR 


Profile page became editable and can connect with friends


Above all were the strategies we expected to improve the app performance. However, it was still hard to make a big jump because the fashion app market becomes more and more competitive, and the content also plays a big role. To achieve better performance, the continuous check and improvement are usual based on user feedbacks and technological progress. The app now transforms to another style: iOS , Android.

Generally speaking, the fashion social app is for people to share their loving style and clothes, so that they can promote their taste and find suitable items on Rakuten.tw shopping mall. Even though the number of users doesn’t increase notably, as the designer, it is still good to learn how to solve problems and analyze from the existing data.

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