Brand Design


It is a New Product Design project when studying at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London. We were required to develop our own chocolate brand as well as the package design. I decided to use my name, Dolly, as the new brand, and below is my product design process.


Brand Personality

During the brainstorming process, I gradually made sure that I would like to develop a series of chocolate brand that can deliver fresh feeling and make people happy. The genuine ingredients of my brand, Dolly, should be healthy, elegant, and a matter of taste.

Based on this direction, I started to survey the chocolate market and try to find something really refresh me and make me happier. This start point enables me to create a moldboard which can closely transfer my brand personality.

Mood board


Based on the above design language, there are a selection of logos are developed. Some are from the chocolate ingredient – coco; some are with cheerful character, and the others are more traditional but with elegance.


Due to the requirement of fresh and elegance, the bold and delicate logo is selected. This is the color palette.

Logo with color

In respect of the healthy image, a series of organic and natural patterns are used. They are oceanic, fruity, and green separately.


Series Package Development


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Website Design





Views on different devices

Artboard 5                    Artboard 6

Views on iPhone 6 and iPad mini3


Artboard 4

View on Mac


Chocolate pictures from : Rosanna Davison ,  amaturecooking 

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