UX design Checklist – 1

由 UX designer @sovesove 整理的這份檢核表,實用且內容詳盡,很值得作為UX設計師工作時的參考,因此將重要步驟整理如下:

-> 1.研究 -> 2.規劃 -> 3.腦力激盪

-> 4.溝通 -> 5.設計 -> 6.測試

-> 7.確認 -> 8.fine tune -> 9.分析/改善

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原文閱讀: http://uxchecklist.github.io/

1. 研究

1.1 競品分析
see how others solve similar problems and try to not reinvent the wheel.

1.2 資料分析
Do you have all the useful data you need?Try to have a look at funnels, clicks, page views, performances..


1.3 使用者回饋
Always speak with Customer Care team! Don’t have one? Check your old surveys or videos, what your customer says? What do they actually do?

2. 規劃

Have you done personas yet. If not DO IT NOW. Ok, now use them to write down user stories and scenarios.
你有做過 「Personas」嗎?如果還沒有,現在就開始,針對每一類型的代表使用者,創造出屬於他們的使用者背景與情境描述。

Create your user’s flow based on the scenarios you created, you can use it later to review the journey and create wireframes on top of each step.
運用你所創造的使用者情境,設計出一套使用者流程 (site map),這將有助於你發展之後的WF、並檢核整趟操作流程。

Define red routes for your product and you’ll be able to identify, prioritise and eliminate any usability obstacles on key user journeys.

3. 腦力激盪

3.1 腦力激盪
Find a war room, fill it with markers and drinks, get together and sketch, discuss, vote, disrupt, have fun!

3.2 使用者流程
Add some details and structure to your ideas, reuse patterns and create pages on top of your user flows so you’ll not leave anything behind.

3.3 原型設計
You can start creating paper prototypes and continuously iterate to more functional ones. Use sketches, HTML pages or static images, then just get some people and test.
開始製作原型,並逐漸發展出有功能性的原型,使用 sketches、HTML或靜態頁面,做好後給大家測試 。

延伸:UX design 檢核表 – 2

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